MERMAI Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Founder and Pastor Irvin Kofa Sr., celebrated the recent announcement of the Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy venture by holding a Chamber Ribbon Cutting on May 1st at the Douglas County Chamber. Family, friends and representatives from the Chamber were present for the occasion.

Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy Incorporated is a non-profit organization established to the memory of Martha E. Ramsey, a Minnesota Pentecostal missionary to Liberia in the 1920’s. The academy was established to continue the legacy of her selfless sacrifice, courage and heroic deeds by which she Christianized, provided health and liberated thousands of people in various tribes of the Liberian southern region from ignorance, diseases and poverty at a time when the government could not operate schools, churches and clinics in those regions.

The Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy, Inc. (MERMAI). is committed to provide care and guidance for orphans in Liberia with the view to make them self-sustainable like Martha had done to hundreds of orphans and children whose parents could not support them during her tenure as Missionary for 58 consecutive years. While MERMAI wholeheartedly subscribes to this goal, the task of accomplishing it is so great that they need help and support from religious organizations such as churches, charitable organizations, schools, hospitals, business communities, donor agencies world-wide that are interested in sustaining human life to support effort in giving orphans a second chance.

Chamber President and CEO, Kali Boatright, congratulated Mr. Kofa on behalf of the Chamber. “The service you are providing to orphans in Liberia is truly a heartfelt mission that we are proud to share with the community,” commented Boatright. “We are grateful to have you as a Chamber member and looks forward to supporting your organization on an international level.”

For more information on how to support this organization, contact Rose Kpadeh at 770-912-7165 or visit

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