Official Launching of MERMAI

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On July 2, 2016 which was the day to launch Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy, Inc. the kids filled our lodging place in the morning like the day before, prepared to attend the Program. By 9 a.m. Commissioner Annie Reeves of the District in which the Orphanage is located, City Mayor and Deputy City Mayor of Gbanga, Mr.Jerry G. Tinnie and Mr. Moses B. Sackie respectively, Mr. James D. Wonplo, Superintendent of Private Schools, Principal Nathaniel Nyanti, Teachers, Chiefs and head of other Civic Organizations, and members of the Clergy of Johnny Cole Town, gathered to attend the Program. This time, a number of about 450 kids (ages ranking from 3 to 12) in whose interest the Orphanage was established, not only attended but participated in the program by singing a song, “The Lord will bless someone today.”

The following are comments from Government Officials who attended the Program following my speech which is an outline of brief history of MERMAI and our objectives for coming to Chief Johnny Cole Town: Commissioner Annie Reeves who represented the Superintendent of Bong County, said “I see MERMAI NGO as two great lights, Sun and Moon, that are going to shine not only over Chief Johnny Cole’s Town, but the District I am heading, Bong County and the Republic of Liberia as a whole. I am, therefore, appealing to the Town, Clan and Paramount Chiefs in my District to partnership with MERMAI in everything she does to educate our children.” Concluding, she said, “I hereby urge every parent to send their children to school. Anyone who fails will pay a heavy fine because these children are the future leaders of Liberia.” Speaking on behalf of the County Education Officer, Mr. Nathaniel Nyanti said:
“It is important to send our children to school today for, if we do educate them today, they will take good care of us tomorrow when we are old. Educating them is a good investment.” Finally, Town Chief of Johnny Cole Town, the host, said that he and his people will cooperate with MERMAI in all her under takings, doing what they can do and will report any parent who fails to send his son or daughter to school.

After the MERMAI Launching Program was successfully executed, kids in whose interest the program was held, Officials of Government, City Mayor and his Deputy, Clan, Town Chiefs and all who attended the program sat together and ate delicious launch, a special dish of the Kpelle Tribe. By then it was around 6:00 p.m. and night was approaching so we reluctantly bid goodbye to one another, thus bringing the MERMAI Launching Program to a successful end.