How You Can Help.

Your donations whether cash, or goods of any kind like clothing, will boost and supplement the funds which will be generated from membership taxation, fundraising activities, and money generated from our garden/vegetable production, chicken farming, hog raising. Additional cash donations will provide other students necessities such as clean drinking, hygienic toilet facilities, dietary supplementation which will foster an environment conducive to education.

Types of Donations.

Cash Donations

Cash Donations are being accepted in order to implement the Orphanage building projects. This is the highest priority!

Building Materials

Donations of building materials & other supplies like concrete, wood, etc. and furnishings our institutional structures.

Medical Supplies

Donations from the medical professional including doctor/nurse visits and medicine are welcome and desperately needed!

Farming Tools

Donations of farming tools & implements as the Academy will produce and sell its own food for funds to support its operations.

Educational Materials

Educational materials are welcomed and encouraged, to include books, stationery, computers, curriculum and training programs.

Training Volunteers

Volunteering, visiting to advise orphanage staff, providing training opportunities to improve staff services to the target groups.

Vocational Training

Training programs for poultry farming, cottage industry, vegetable propagation, plumbing, electricity, construction, etc.

Student Exchange

Donations which can be used to Finance student exchange programs, teachers exchange programs, etc.

Donate NOW.