The Way Forward

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With location of the Orphanage identified as Chief Johnny Cole Town, Liberia, and the MERMAI Program Launched, the next step is identification of genuine orphans though it will be very difficult to distinguish an orphan from one who is not since almost all the kids are naked and we had to supply clothes, hardly have any meals a day, are not in school and without health care. There is a dire need to build a Church/School under one roof, a boys’ dormitory while the temporary house is used as girls’ dormitory and office and a two bedroom house for Alice and me. With willingness of Johnny Cole Town residents to help in molding blocks and providing labor to the level of what they can do, it is estimated that construction, labor, electrification, plumbing cost of the abovementioned will not exceed $85,000.00. This figure excludes furnishing of Church/school, boys’ and girls’ dormitories and our house.

We also will need a Nurse and medicines for the health of orphans and staff in particular, and people of the village and its environs in general.

Our curriculum shall include but not be limited to poultry farming, hog raising, vegetable production, carpentry, masonry, electricity, plumbing, accounting, sewing, baking, Tye Dye & Batikk, Community Health and training of Indigenous Missionaries. Teaching of these courses shall begin with graduates of Junior High School. Nevertheless, in the interim, we shall cultivate crops such as cassava, corn, okra, cabbages, onions which are grown in a relatively short period of time to subsidize feeding of the kids. All excess production shall be sold in the open market as means of generating funds for the Orphanage as we did in Ghana for 14 years while in exile. With 40 acres of land, several short term crops can be cultivated to feed boarding orphans.