Birthday Celebration & MERMAI Announcement

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We went back to the Johnny Cole Town June 30, 2016 for the Birthday Party of July 1, 2016 and to prepare for the Launching of the Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy, Inc. (MERMAI) July 2, 2016, respectively. A larger group of about 300 children, had assembled to give us a rousing welcome. Obviously, we did not meet children from surrounding villages during the first trip because they never that our visit to Johnny Cole Town was to see and entertain them; hence they did not turn out.

On July 1, Alice’s birthday, there was a great turn out of children to the Party. They had food and lot of goodies including juice, pop corn, cool ale and candies attached to plastic whistles. Before the Party began, Alice told the kids Bible Story, the Birth of Jesus Christ, and they listened with great excitement. They had fun eating and blowing the whistles after sucking the candles while sound of Kpelle gospel music pervaded the atmosphere. Alice later asked five volunteers at a time from the group, gave each a pencil and asked them to write “I love Jesus” on sheet of papers she provided for the exercise. To her utter surprise, very few of them wrote while majority stood by and watched. While Alice was with the kids, I spent time talking with the Chiefs and Elders. Following the Birthday Party, we distributed clothes from barrels of clothes we shipped from Atlanta, GA, ahead of our trip to the Orphanage.

We told the kids “Jesus loves you and we love you too” during the distribution process and they were so happy to spend the day with us; some even refusing to go home as late as 11:00 and we had to plea with them to go.