The Academy Vision.

The M.E.R. Memorial Academy is in the process of constructing a self-sustaining orphanage, school and training environment. Its goal is to help those children who need support, then nurture them into self-supporting occupations under the guidance of solid Christian values and love of country. We need your help to make this vision a reality.

We envision being able to house, feed, cloth, support and educate up to 250 children depending upon the availability of finance. The most aggressive part of our fundraising endeavor is focused initially on the construction of the facilities, which includes two dormitories, a school, a clinic, a playground, and two training centers.

Once completed—and competent staff members employed—the Orphanage is expected to be self-sufficient from our farming operations which will include: poultry, produce, hog raising and other farming activities. Also, our cottage industry division will teach girls and women in the community the art of tie dye and batik materials production which will be sold in the open market. With your assistance, we will be able to get this charitable orphanage operational as soon as possible. The need is great and its impact within the community will have far reaching effects.



Martha E. Ramsey.

Born in 1901, Peasant daughter of Norwegian immigrants, Martha E. Ramsey had a vision at a tender young age where she saw “black people in a pit with uplifted hands asking help from her to be pulled out. “ Martha left the United States in 1925 for Liberia and positively changed the lives of thousands of fierce idol worshippers. She brought the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ to a poverty-stricken people and gave them reasons to live. She did this by the power of God. Her faith in God changed the lives of people otherwise regarded as insignificant by worldly standards, allowing them a prosperous and perpetual spiritual life which transcends temporary life on earth. Martha E. Ramsey faced many persecutions, trials and triumphs from her outpost churches. Through all the years of her life, Martha E. Ramsey saved and blessed many souls through her ministry of love and compassion.

The Founder.

Irvin W. Kofa, Sr.  and Alice S. Kofa

Irvin W. Kofa, Sr.
Alice S. Kofa

Irvin W. Kofa, Sr., whose parents were adopted at an early age by “Ma Ramsey” (as she was called), founded Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy. Irvin was also adopted at age 5 in 1945. As an infant, his grandmother named him Queebioh, “Head of Educated Civilized People” which proved to be quite a prophecy.

Irvin remembers Martha “as a child to his grandmother” for whom he served as gardener, chicken and duck keeper, as well as participated in her preaching trips in the 1950s. He also took part in road building and stood up against the deadly wrath of cunning Tribal Sorcerers hired to subvert Martha’s Pentecostal Missions.

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The Staff.

Rose Kpadeh.

Executive Director.
The Executive Director is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of MERMAI. Secretary to the Board of Directors, Rose was appointed by and reports to the Board of Directors; In conjunction with the board of directors and an advisory board, she supervises activities of the Administrative Manager, the Communication & Dissemination Manager, and the Program & Project Activities Manager. As the hub of MERMAI, Rose is responsible for fundraising, membership coordination, training, reporting and more.


John Freeman.

Administrative Assistant
Reporting directly to the Executive Director, John is the Administrative Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as the Administrative Manager of MERMI. In addition, he is responsible for supervising his Administrative Assistant, the Finance Assistant and the Membership Coordinator.

Vina Kofa

Lydia B. Kofa.

Communication & Dissemination Manager
Lydia is the Public Relations Officer and voice of MERMAI. Responsible for the announcements of MERMAI events and fundraising activities, she also reports on the status of project activities; Lydia serves as the liason between the MERMAI and the public, creating and nurturing positive relationships, and oversees the activities of the Public Relations Assistant, Publications Assistant and Web/Social Media Assistant.


Lucia Ann Kofa Sirleaf.

Program and Project Activities Manager
Reporting to the Executive Director, Lucia is responsible for the successful implementation of MERMAI's planned programs. Overseeing specific programs, Lucia and her staff determine how programs are to be implemented in order to achieve the greatest level of success and overseeing that implementation with the guidance of the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.


Irvina Kofa.

Web & Social Media Assistant
Under the Communication & Dissemination department, Irvina is reponsible for periodically updating MERMAI's website and social media channels with events and other news.

Vina Kofa


  • Clothe, House & Educate

    To house, nurture, clothe, educate and train orphans and abandoned children for freedom, justice, equality and self-sustainability

  • Encourage & Parent

    To encourage and protect them as natural parents do, and give them reason to be optimistic about their future.

  • Love & Teach Peace

    To provide an environment conducive to peace, love and justice for all are practiced to enable them to grow up with these laudable virtues.

  • Provide Medical Help

    To take care of their health and other needs so that they can grow up in an environment conducive to health.


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