About Irvin W. Kofa, Sr.

Irvin W. Kofa, Sr., whose parents were adopted at an early age by “Ma Ramsey” (as she was called), founded Martha E. Ramsey Memorial Academy. Irvin was also adopted at age 5 in 1945. As an infant, his grandmother named him Queebioh, “Head of Educated Civilized People” which proved to be quite a prophecy.

Irvin remembers Martha “as a child to his grandmother” for whom he served as gardener, chicken and duck keeper, as well as participated in her preaching trips in the 1950s. He also took part in road building and stood up against the deadly wrath of cunning Tribal Sorcerers hired to subvert Martha’s Pentecostal Missions.

Kofa graduated high school in 1963, and served as Secretary of a Missions legal defence team in a high profile national case involving the end of arranged marriages for young Liberian girls. He also served as a General Secretary of the Do-Jar Youth Association and part time clerk at the Corporation of Krutown in Monrovia and worked at the Supreme Court of Liberia as Private Secretary to Chief Justice, A. Dash Wilson of Liberia.

For three years, he served as Assist. Secretary to the Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Republic of Liberia, and then served as Secretary to the Dean, College of Liberal & Fine Arts, University of Liberia. In addition he has served as Secretary to the Director, Institute of African Studies, University of Liberia.

In 1967, he married his beautiful bride, Alice Gayonnoh Sampson, who is a co-founder of M.E.R. Memorial Academy and in 1972, he graduated from the College of Business & Public Administration, University of Liberia and earned B.BA Degree.

Starting in 1973, he assumed the considerable responsibilities of a Regional Disbursing Officer for the Liberian Ministry of Finance, but left in 1977 to fulfil his parents’ and Martha’s wishes to accrue seven years tenure as Principal of Doodwicken Orphanage Elementary and Junior High School.

Irvin was awarded a scholarship to attend SUNY college at Brockport, his destination on the day of Martha’s death on August 24, 1983. He graduated in 1984 and returned to Liberia with a MSc.Ed Degree in Educational Administration. The Ministry of Education appointed him a position as the Superintendent of Schools for Sinoe County until 1988. He later assumed the post of Country Director of Network of Educational Innovation for the Development of Africa (NEIDA), an arm of the United Nations from 1988 to 1990. As Director for NEIDA, he represented the Government of Liberia at many U.N Conferences.

Irvin published Biography of Martha E. Ramsey, Minnesota Pentecostal Missionary to Liberia, in 2013. Click here to Buy the book.